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Crackle Finishes

Faux and Specialty Finishes

Click here for more detailed finishing information about the specialty finishes described on this page. (Word Doc)  (PDF Doc)

NOTE: Refer to the products brochure for basic information on the application of finishes and the preparation of the wood before starting. The following information only addresses using General Finishes products to create special effects.

  Distressing techniques give the appearance of an antique piece of furniture that has been used for generations.  Distressing can be used in combination with antiquing and glazing.
  Glazing  is a classical finish that adds a beautiful aged look to furniture.  This finish is an excellent way to age furniture for a more rustic decor.
  Antiquing is another form of distressing the wood using sanding techniques followed by glazing,  giving the appearance of an old piece of furniture that has been well taken care of over the years but, has slight natural wear on the doors, edges, or sides. 
  Wash Coats or color wash:  This free-form finish is known for its subtle variations in color and soft natural glow.  Supremely versatile, it can be adapted to any piece of furniture,
  Marbleizing is a timeless decorative finish that adds interest to furniture.  When marbleizing, keep it "real".  Choose surfaces that realistically would be made of marble, such as table or dresser tops.

  Pickling is simply applying a light color stain to wood; then wiping off the stain to let the color of the wood show through.
  Crackle adds a beautiful, worn elegance to any piece of furniture.  Within minutes, you can duplicate the effects of years of natural weathering.
  Antique Wood Graining.  Also known as "faux bois", wood graining is a timeless wood finish that adds warmth and beauty to any piece.  



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